Father’s Day: Adorable Facebook, WhatsApp and SMS for your daddy dearest!

The two primary pillars of any person’s foundation for the future is his or her parents. Both mother and father nurture their kids in the best way possible. A daughter will always be ‘daddy’s lil’ girl’ while sons are ‘mama’s boys for life’. Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of the month of June. And this year, the date happens to be June 19.

On this day, the world will celebrate Father’s Day, much like Mother’s Day, Grandparents Day, and Siblings Day marked in the calendar year.

The special day marked to celebrate fatherhood is knocking at the door! Father’s Day is dedicated to all the proud daddies, father figures, and whoever influenced your life like a father. This day honors and respects such figures.

Here’s a list of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Text messages for your daddy to say you care: 

1. You taught me how to walk

Also taught me the ways of life,

You have given your all,

Just to see me rise and shine.

Happy Father’s Day, Papa!

2. I have been lucky to have you as my dad,

You taught me the difference between good and bad,

might not say this often enough,

But I love you dad, thanks for everything you’ve done!

 3. There aren’t enough words in the dictionary

To describe what you mean to me,

I may have been living far away,

But right in my heart you always stay!

4. Your words shall always remain by my side,

With your wisdom, I can tackle any tide,

You gave me the strength to cast my fears aside,

Taught me to be headstrong, and never hide.

Happy Father’s Day!

 5. Dad, I might find my prince charming someday,

But it is you who will always be my king!

Happy Father’s Day, my first love!

 6. If I become 10% of the man you have been,

I’ll consider I have done something right in life.

Happy Father’s Day Daddy!

 7. No matter how tough life gets,

I know you will be at my side,

and that gives me the strength to carry on.

Dad, the moment you are here, everything feels right!

Happy Father’s Day!

8. Happy Father’s Day to the man who has been my dad, friend, teacher, driver, and ATM!

Love you Paa!

9. Wishing the best for the best man in my life. ‘Happy Father’s Day!

10. You have stood by me, even when I was wrong.

Without you, life would be like a meaningless song.

Happy Father’s Day to the best from the rest, who shall always remain on top!

The dates of celebration may differ across the globe as in Catholic countries of Europe, it is marked on March 19 coinciding with Saint Joseph’s Day. However, many others follow the more common date which the US celebrates i.e. the third Sunday of June.

Much like other special days where we express our love and care for family members like Mother’s Day, Grandparents Day, and Siblings Day, Father’s Day is celebrated to make your father feel special. Although it should not be limited to just a day yet marking a day essentially and celebrating it with your family makes it special.

This year, Father’s Day will be celebrated on June 21. It was founded by American Civil War veteran William Jackson Smart Sonora Smart Dodd. Usually, kids plan a surprise for their daddies on this day by showering them with gifts, favorite food, or a house party.

Even if you are at home amid this lockdown time, you can still make your daddy feel special in umpteen ways.

Here’s wishing everyone a very Happy Father’s Day!

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