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5 simple way to Control Your Mind From Unwanted Thoughts

Control your mind from unwanted thoughts and live in the present moment:

How to Control Your Mind From Unwanted Thoughts
Control your mind from unwanted thoughts
Once again a warm welcome to all of ‘Mind’ at the world’s most complicated platform ‘Human Mind & its behavior’.
In the previous article, We discussed what is the impact of unwanted thoughts on the efficiency of our minds.

Unwanted thoughts and the efficiency of our minds are inversely proportional to each other.

So if we want to increase our mind power, we need to reduce unwanted thoughts.

As you reduce these unwanted thoughts your mind will become more sharper.

So in this article “How to Control your Mind From Unwanted Thoughts” We discuss some major factors that have a major impact on unwanted thoughts.

So let’s start exploring our powerful minds.

1. Meditation:

How to Control Your Mind From Unwanted Thoughts
Meditation to Control your mind from unwanted thoughts
To keep your mind free from unwanted thoughts, there is no doubt that meditation is the only best powerful tool.
Meditation is the basic need for an absolutely calm and determined mind. 
Not for only keeping unwanted thoughts away from our minds, meditation is essential for following important benefits.

What are the benefits of meditation: 

1. Stress and anxiety reduction.
2. Improving self-consciousness.
3. Increase memory power and mental clarity.
4. Enhance empathy.
5. Improving emotional and mental health.
6. Increase our sense of well-being.
7. Make you more creative and cognitive.
8. Improve abilities to make decisions.
9. Reduce physical and mental pain.
10. Enhance your immune system.
11. Improve the quality of sleep.
12. Takes you towards enlightenment.
While meditating, initially may you feel that I am not getting proper results and not getting rid of unwanted thoughts.
But after practicing for some days you will be getting unbelievable results.
You notice that my sense of consciousness is improving and the influence of unwanted thoughts on me is decreasing simultaneously.
After continuous meditating, you will realize that I am getting rid of unwanted thoughts and the major influence on it is almost decreased.


Scientifically by practicing daily meditation, your mind will properly learn ‘How to deal with such type of unwanted thoughts and How to get rid of them.’

2. Acceptance is the key:

How to Control Your Mind From Unwanted Thoughts
Acceptance is the key
Whenever something happens that is against our belief system and it seems to us that, what happens with me is totally wrong and that really should not happen, 
Since then our conscious mind starts thinking “Why does that happen to me, that really should not happen.”
Such thoughts will not go away from your mind until you will not accept that, “What happens to you is alright and everything is okay.”
So the solution to such types of unwanted thoughts is that you have to totally forgive others for their mistakes and accept them as they are.
In another way, sometimes whenever We make any mistakes, which don’t deserve to be forgiven, even then also unwanted thoughts begin to come.
In the same way in this case, also the solution is that We have to totally forgive and accept ourselves as it is.
In both cases, if We want ourselves calm and relaxed, “We have to forgive totally from bottom of our heart and accept What We and others did.”


Acceptance is the key governing factor for keeping unwanted thoughts away from our minds. 
Because as a result after acceptance our mind realizes that everything is okay and fine.

3. Be the observer of your thoughts:

How to Control Your Mind From Unwanted Thoughts
Be the observer of your thoughts
If We look very closely, in reality, We can not stop thoughts that arise in our minds, they should come.
The problem is not that such types of unwanted thoughts arise in our minds.
The problem is that We get associated and flow with such types of unwanted thoughts and We try to judge them.
The solution is not to stop and push away unwanted thoughts. The solution is that We have to allow and observe them.
Instead Of stopping and trying to push away unwanted thoughts, We should maintain the quality and quantity of them.
The moment you observe thoughts instead of getting associated and flowing with them, the quality and quantity of thoughts will maintain automatically.
Now you have not to do anything, except observe thoughts.


Don’t try to stop and push away unwanted thoughts. Instead of getting associating and flowing with it try to be the observer of your thoughts. 
Be the observer of your thoughts. The quality and quantity of your thoughts will maintain automatically.

4. Live in the present moment:

How to Control Your Mind From Unwanted Thoughts
Live in the present moment
“Live in the present moment” is the very essential habit of human beings and it can change our entire life.
The moment you will start living in the present moment, you will notice that almost all unwanted thoughts start to disappear from your mind.
For the live-in, the present moment, the following are the scientific techniques, that you can adapt easily.
Always be aware of the surrounding environment and maintain coordination with it. 
Always become aware of the ‘Now’ and feel the energy of it. Watch the time on the clock and feel it.
Open your eyes and look at the sky, see the flying clouds and birds. Sit down and feel the shadow of the tree and look at the flowing water, delicate plants, and blooming flowers. 
“Then enjoy the gust of cold wind that always touches your eyes and lips.”
Feel this energy of the present moment, rest in this awareness, and become fully aware of them now.
Try as much as possible to coordinate and tie yourself with the environment around you and always become fully aware of the ‘Now.’
Unwanted thoughts and negative energy will never influence you to trust me, “This is the promise of nature”.


The intensity and quantity of our unwanted thoughts are very less while We are living in the present moment. 
Always co-ordinate and tie yourself with surrounding the environment and become fully aware of the now and live in the present moment your mind will get used to doing so.

5. Keep busy your monkey mind:

How to Control Your Mind From Unwanted Thoughts
Keep busy your monkey mind
The human mind behaves like a monkey unless you give something task to do until then it will not remain silent.
These are the psychological characteristics of the human mind, “It always demands something task do, if We will not give, it will start talking with unwanted thoughts and getting associate and flow with it.”
So the following are the light task to give our  ‘monkey mind.’
Make it a habit to always observe your breathing, whenever you do something or not. That will give you little peace and energy, and also liberate you from unnecessary thoughts.
Whenever you go out try to develop the habit of observing things around you so that your monkey mind gets some task to do.
Whenever you are free, listen to your favorite music and mumble it.
In leisure time always be creative draw pictures, play games, read novels, write articles, etc.


Keep busy your monkey mind in something, so it can not influence by unwanted thoughts. 
Like observing your breathing, observing the surroundings while going out, listening to music, and mumbling it, in leisure time be creative.

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