How to Improve Mind Power:

Warm Welcome to all of ‘Mind’ at the world’s most complicated platform ‘Human Mind & it’s behavior’. 

From history to today no one has fully described,

What is the human mind is? 

How does the human mind work? 

How the human mind behaves? 

How much powerful human mind is?

How much percentage of it we can use?

How to improve mind power? etc. etc. and many unsolved questions.

Let’s explore some secrets of the human mind and improve it, in the article “How to Improve Mind Power”

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how to improve mind power
How to Improve Mind Power

Key Points:

Why you are not a ‘Superman’?

How to become a ‘Superman’?

How actually ‘Mind work’?

Do you know about the Computer?

How to Improve Mind Power
How to Improve Mind Power

People say that It is more powerful than the human mind. The entire world now runs on a computer system no one can survive without it. A computer can do whichever we want within a moment. Obviously, that is more powerful than the normal human mind if we run some number of applications at a time.

But, what happens if we run thousands of applications on the computer at the same time? Suppose that, that is not a small application but a very bigger sizer and which consume much more RAM than a normal application.

Almost all computers have limited RAM and designed for work on a limited number of applications at the same time. They are run fluently if we run a limited number of applications simultaneously.

You are all from ‘Digital age’ and you can understand very well what happens if we run thousands of applications simultaneously.


Now a time when you run thousands of applications at the same time, you are on changing your window from this to this application and you working on it. But, you don’t know your operating system not able to run thousands of applications simultaneously.


Now a time when you realize that, your operating system is not able to run 1 thousand applications at the same time. Now you know that you need to stop other 999 application that is running in the background and which is consuming your 99.99 % of entire RAM.

Now you know that your operating system provides you only 0.01 % of entire RAM and remaining is consumed by other 999 applications.

Now you can stop it. You need to stop it but, I know as ‘Human psychology’ you will not stop it. Because you need more output, you need something by which you can achieve your entire goals today, you don’t want to wait for tomorrow.


Now a time when you realize that my operating system becoming weak day by day and I just have to stop other 999 applications if I want to work on my current task.

But, now a time when processes of other 999 applications have been started and you are not able to close it. You see that and move to your current window for work.


Now a time when you disturb by your other 999 applications because they have been started their processes and they started to consume almost 100 % RAM of entire RAM.

Now a time when you just have to stop it if you want to work on your current window. You move to all other windows and click on the close window. But, as earlier mention, your all applications are not normal and they are on the process of closing.

Now a time when your entire operating system is going down even you are not able to run a small single application. Your OS is on the process of stopping all other applications & processes by your command. But due to 1 thousand processes at a time your OS is totally stopped to work.

How to Improve Mind Power
How to Improve Mind Power

Now a time when your OS is even not able to process your mouse cursor on the screen and you lost your even cursor movement.


Now a time when you really want to close your 1 thousand applications & processes and you want to shut down your computer but you are not able to do it.

Now a time when you don’t know what is happening & what I should have to do ???

Thank you for understanding the whole process.

This is not a story of your personal computer but, this is the story of the mind way you use it.

The same way our mind is designed to work on one task at the same time.
The mind can’t work on more than one task at a time.

But, observe your self It is happening now?

This is one of the answers “Why we are not a superman.”

This is true…

How to Improve Mind Power
How to Improve Mind Power

Our mind is more powerful than a supercomputer. Power of mind has no limitations, It is unlimited. We can do anything, even what we can think. You don’t know how powerful your mind is. 

But the first condition is that We have to understand “How our mind work?”

The first principle of our mind as per me is that,

➽Our mind can’t process a lot of thoughts at the same time:

We are making the same mistake as we understand by the example of a computer.

While we work on one task thousand of thought run in the background. That thought consumes much more energy and also kills our concentration.

Never keep busy your mind with thoughts. Otherwise, time will arrive when your mind will not able to calculate even 6+4=10.

I know for the achievements of big things in life we all do this mistake but, this is the wrong fundamental.

This is not a theoretical concept that I read from books.
But, this my real-life experience & this is what I got from “research on the human mind.”

Today’s article “How to improve mind power” going to become very interesting. 

Do you want to know? What happens “When we always keep our mind busy with thousand of thought continuously ?”

I try to share It. You will not believe me, what will happen.

  • You will be lost your decision-making power.
  • You will be lost your memory power.
  • You can’t concentration on even small things.
  • Day by day you feel low self-confidence.
  • Head pain almost time.
  • Lost of logical thinking.
  • You will not recognize the face & voice of other people instantly.

I mean in each and every activity of mind you need much more time for the process of thoughts.

At last, I hope you understand the concept of “What will happen when you keep your mind always engaging with thoughts.”

Observe yourself, I sure this is happening to you. Take action against your extra thoughts which are always consuming your mental energy. Otherwise, time will come when you will totally be lost your mind power. That time your mind will not able to calculate 6+4=10.

If you want to become a successful personality, first of all, close all 999 applications (thoughts) and then concentrate on your current task. You will achieve your goal. 

Your mind is more powerful than supercomputers always remembers.

We will discuss in the next article “How to close that 999 applications (thoughts) and work on your current window (goal).”

Don’t forget to read part-2 5 simple way to Control Your Mind From Unwanted Thoughts

Please comment below and give your suggestions for this concept “How to Improve Mind Power” whatever you know about the world’s most complicated tool.

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  1. Thank you so much, from bottom of my heart Pravin Bhai.

    Your one singal comment motivate me to write more useful article for our next generation.

    Who is the future of our country and We need to give clear direction so that easily they can achieve their goal.

  2. Hey dear amazing thing you have describe in your article and the concept of concentration. But think in other way also, there are many activities in our life which involve much more activities and decisions at a time although our mind take right decision and dont flustrate and somesome time only focus on one activity can flustrate you so there are many factors of your past time, experions and all othere go that all factors. Your topic is really very good and i proud of you for the nice artical and i also hope that considering study from all other factor you will sharpen your article and make it gorgeous again proud of you and best of luck for future dear…

  3. Respected Sir,
    Thank you so much from bottom of my heart.

    I proud of you also sir.
    This is the what, I always learn from you in each and every moments of my engineering study.

    I always observed my mind in varies situations which came in our engineering collage and i recorded the behavior of mind.

    And you are right many time arrived in our life when involve number of decision at the same time. Ideal atmosphere can't be possible every time.

    But, at that mind handle that situations until some limited time, after that it will lost decision power and after that mind will not able to take even singal decision at that time.

    Such type of situations came in our collage time at the time of submission.

    I learn much more from my engineering and you sir.
    It was amazing experience.

    And now come golden time in my life, when me and my favourite professor talk on my website.

    Thank you so much Sir.

  4. Thoughts have great influence on efficiency of human mind.

    If your mind is calm and relax and no extra thoughts run in your mind then you can do each and every work with very high accuracy and vise-versa.

    Life is nothing but, just a game of thoughts.

    It is good for as, if it is in boundary.
    But when cross the boundary you have not ability to do deal with it.

  5. Welcome dear and we all faculties are proud of you.. Best of luck and go ahead with the new ideas and innovative thought of minds.. And ur reply also amazing..

  6. Sure Sir,
    This is the my dream and I will do it confidently.

    This is the my first article and I just start research on human mind.

    Within short time My Next Mind.Com website will be a proud of you sir, our collage and my mother-father.

    Thank you from bottom of my heart sir for your best wishes.
    Your best wishes always with me.

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